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Clean & Clear Window Washing LA provides complete window cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients throughout New England.  A broad range of services coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence and an experienced staff means that you receive unparalleled service.


Our service team includes specialist in every phase of exterior building maintenance.  We specialize in rooftop anchor installation, glass stain removal, waterproofing, caulking, power washing, and window cleaning.  Clean & Clear Window Washing LA is the building service company to rely on.


Staffed by fully trained and experienced technicians, Clean & Clear Window Washing LA specializes in government buildings, commercial office buildings, high-rise residential complexes, hotels, schools, hospitals, municipal buildings and convention centers.  Serving the greater Los Angeles area, we are able to handle multiple projects on a time schedule that fits your needs.

Pressure Washing

Oftentimes we pressure wash a person's home before we wash their windows. Additionally,  we power wash driveways, patios, pool areas, garages and all dryscape.

Window Cleaning.

We take every measure to ensure your home or business remains germ free.  Wearing shoe covers, gloves, face masks and social distancing is part of every job.  And we don't  just clean your glass, we clean every part of the window. This includes the frames, tracks, sills and screens.  If you give us a chance you will soon agree with the rest of Los Angeles about the quality if our service. 




what WE DO

Artisian style window cleaning that includes every component of the window.

  • Frames and Sills

  • Tracks

  • Screens

  • Wide Array of Services

  • Experts in Window Washing

  • High Standards

  • Attention to Detail

  • Low Employee Turnover

  • Low Manager to Employee Ratio

  • 24/7 Service

  • Staff Training

  • Safety Training

  • Proactive

  • Direct employees (vs. contract, on call)

  • Environmentally-Conscious

  • Scheduled walk-through

  • Custom Cleaning Services






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